Multifamily Condominiums

Get On Board
with EV Charging

Provide a solution for EV owners to charge at home at no cost to the Association and no obligation to Condo Owners. Greenspot provides private chargers for residents with deeded or assigned parking.

Watch below to see how Greenspot can provide your HOA with convenient and reliable EV charging.

Ultimate Convenience

Greenspot is an award-winning leader in EV charging station development, installation and management. Owners will enjoy convenient at-home charging in a safe and accessible environment.

Our Programs


We replace EV chargers at potentially no cost to you. Also, if your existing chargers only work on Teslas, our new chargers will be compatible with all EVs (including Tesla).

New Builds

Our end-to-end solutions ensure profitable and successful installations at potentially no cost to you. We handle everything from permits to construction to ongoing maintenance.

EV Fleets

Greenspot provides EV fleet charging programs, including the necessary charging infrastructure to keep the fleet in operation and energy plans that will reduce your operational expenses up to 40%.

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