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It’s no secret that in a few years auto manufacturers are going to stop making internal combustion engine automobiles. With this, electric vehicles are going to be the only option fairly soon. Once that kicks-in, quite simply, people are going to need a place to charge their vehicles whether at home, at the office or on the go.

In most scenarios, the cost to the building owner is zero. There’s lots of available grant funding for these types of clean energy initiatives and we’re very skilled at obtaining this funding. What’s not covered under the grants, Greenspot is taking on the investment and paying all other costs. Only in rare circumstances are there costs to the building owner – and they have the choice whether to invest themselves or not move forward. There’s no obligation.

Just review and sign the contract – let us do the work. There’s nothing for the building owner to do. We handle everything – from obtaining permits, to doing the work and getting the chargers in the ground, to getting final approvals. We do it all.

Who is responsible for maintaining the stations once it’s live?

Maintenance is also on Greenspot. When there’s an issue, Drivers charging their cars can report the issue directly to Greenspot via phone or via our app. Our service team is deployed and usually within 48 hours the issue has been rectified.

Revenue sharing is the big one. Yes – building owners get a share in the revenue – after just a short period of time while we make back the initial investment. After that, building owners get a percentage of revenue back based on usage of the chargers on their properties. In addition, EV chargers help increase the property’s value as well as making an excellent building amenity for those that live, work or visit the property.

The agreement is fully transferable to the new ownership. That’s the simplest solution in the likely event the new owners want to continue with Greenspot. In the very unlikely event the new owners do not want to continue with Greenspot, the current owners can buy out the contract, Greenspot can remove the equipment or a combination of the above depending on where we are at in terms of contract timing.

It’s a 20 year contract term. We’re looking to be a long-term EV charging solution for building owners. Generally, we’re starting with very conservative installs of 1 to 2 chargers – but many parking lots have hundreds of spots and it’s only a matter of time before much, if not all, these spots need to be electrified.
Generally, every project takes 4-6 months from sign-off to getting the chargers in the ground and ready for use. There’s grants to be obtained, permits that have to be opened and closed – it’s a process. But most of it is paperwork – the actual work performed is done efficiently and without much inconvenience to the parking lot or garage in general.